Xsmart is a state of the art application in Network Speed Testing!
It not only measures your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network speed, but also it gives you a Map view about the best hotspots around you.

Depending on the kind of network you are using (Cellular or Wi-Fi), you will receive the corresponding measurements showing the best places with highest throughputs around you.
With your help, we are creating a comprehensive database worldwide of cell phone signal strength readings and Wi-Fi access points.

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Xsmart measures the data speed in two different ways. "Effective Throughput" is calculated based on total download/upload duration and the number of bytes transmitted. "Average Throughput" is calculated based on sampling mechanisms and averaging the results of all single samples. "Average Throughput" chart can show you how stable the download/upload is. The App can be setup to use a certain number of seconds (time-based) or KBytes (file based) to determine the speed of Download/Upload and round trip time (RTT). Many different settings like "File Size", "Buffer Size", "Tolerance" and etc. allow you to simulate all kind of different situations.xsmart samsungs5

  • Free of charge for End-Users
  • „Per CPU“ License for the Central Server
  • Real Time Reporting / Dashboards in Bundle (Qlikview)xsmart iphone6
  • Ready to use Dashboards
  • MNO Look and Feel customization (Logo, Colors, etc.)
  • Life Time End-User Updates for the App
  • Absolutely Anonymous Results

Real In-Device Measurement
In-App Download / Upload Analysis
In-App Map View for BPA („better places around“)
BPA only available if uploading Results
End-User Test Initiation (no interference with usage)
Remotely Changeable Test Parameters
Highly Customizable Testing Behavior

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