DSL LAN Testing

Can you provide high-speed Internet for fixed networks?

Issue Description

High-speed Internet for everyone is one of the most challenging issues of all Fixed net and Mobile operators worldwide.
Customers expect fast, reliable and highly available connectivity in every situation and not being able to provide this, may cause to lose the customer.

Our Solution

Network Performance Testing
Network-Performance Testing is a Module in XMASS Test library and is responsible for measuring Network Performance especially in Fix-Networks like LAN or DSL.
The Module consists of two sub-modules for Client and Server (Sender and Receiver) activities.
The tests can be run using TCP and UDP protocols, where TCP is used mainly for Throughput measurement and UDP is mainly used for Packet-Loss, -delay and Jitter. The Server Testcase can handle multiple client requests simultaneously, enabling the system to test in a “Star-Topology” (one Server, many Clients) as well as in peer-to-peer mode. Beside this, every channel can act as a Network Performance Server node and Client node at the same time, which makes Bi-Directional testing possible and provides the advantage of tests between all nodes (many-to-many).
With all these features, there is literally no limitation in test definition and topology.

Speed Test Application (Optional)
Speed test Application is an application that can be installed on a server of choice. This Server must be accessible for all users of Speed Test over Internet.
The Application automatically determines the needed file size for download and upload before running the tests.
The Application measures Download and Upload Throughput as well as Packet delays between end users PC and the Server, where the application is running on. Having this Server within the countrywide network allows measurements before international gateway. In Parallel the same application can be installed on a Server outside the country network (e.g. on an Amazon Cloud instance in Ireland) to provide the same kind of tests for the international connections.
There are 3 suggestions for the installation of this application:

  • Installation on XMASS Application Server
  • Installation on a dedicated Server only for this Application
  • Installation on a Web-Server provided by Customer

The user Interface can be modified and customized to look nicer and more customer friendly.
The results of the Speed Test Application are stored into an open MySQL Database, which might be on the same Server as the Application or somewhere else.
The Performance data is captured and can be used in correlation with the customers IP address.

PIXIP.NET Probes are designed to provide the maximum flexibility for all kind of
interfaces to achieve the largest variety on possible tests for LAN, PSTN, and mobile Testing.

pux 48


Every channel consists of two cards, a CPU card, and an Interface Card.
For LAN Testing, it is possible to equip every channel with a LAN-Expansion Card, which provides
4 additional LAN Interfaces to every channel (6 LAN Interfaces in total). This way a PUX with
8 channels is able to provide 48 LAN Interfaces simultaneously.



One of the major advantages of PIXIP.NET probes is that PUX and MiniPUX can both use the same channel hardware. This feature provides the flexibility to swap the channels between PUX and MiniPUX.

 minipux 10








MicroPUX supports 3 testing LAN Interfaces
The latest development of PIXIP.NET is one of the smallest test probes available on the market. MicroPUX is designed and dedicated to Broadband Data Testing in both fixed line and a Mobile environment.

micropux freigestelltMicroPUX is equipped with 3 Gigabit LAN-Interfaces, which can freely be used for communication- and testing purposes.
Beside the LAN Interfaces for LAN/DSL Connectivity, the MicroPUX also provides an option for a built-in Mobile Interface covering 2G, 3G, and LTE. The Mobile Interface can be used either to communicate with the central environment and transmit the test results over the cellular network or to run Tests against Mobile Network.
MicroPUX is especially fitting to “Customer Experience Management” requirements in the area of DSL and LAN Testing. Due to its small size of 14 x 8 cm, it is the perfect test probe to be placed at customer sites or literally at any other network node to test the network performance.



Technical Highlights

Economic Benefits

  • Enterprise QoS platform – one system to test all services from voice to products like music portal
  • Module based platform enabling step by step growth
  • Low-cost test probes – mass testing possible
  • One single system for different user groups like radio and network testers, service testers, portal testers and product testers
  • Future safe system – module based extension for new services or new network technologies Full featured web-based Reporting, Monitoring and Alarming System included
  • Low installation costs – plug and play distribution of test devices
  • Low support costs – unattended testing capabilities, remote access
  • Stationary-, mobile-, drive-, field and on device testing with one single system Customized test scenario creation capabilities – no additional costs for new test scenarios Automatic test scenario creation using XMASS
  • RSD and HTTP/WAP Recorder within few minutes
  • Create Once, use everywhere – export – Import capabilities between multiple system installations
  • Enterprise Integration with SAP and Business Objects platforms


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